Free Eventide Ultra Channel Plug-in until July 8th with code

Spotted by Benji Jackson, shared on the AudioJungle Forums:

A free plugin from Eventide that Eventide claims will cost $249 after July 8. This link provides all the details and download code:

Eventide Plugin Ultra Channel

New from Native Instruments: Session Horns Pro

Just a few days ago, Native Instruments’ announced the release of Session Horns Pro. It’s true: it does have some pretty sweet sounding horns. But is it worth the purchase? Hear for yourself:

It comes with 2 regular trumpets, a muted trumpet, a flugelhorn, an alto sax, a tenor sax, a baritone sax, a tenor trombone, a bass trombone, and a tube (6 more instruments than NI’s Session Horns – that had only 2 trumpets, a tenor sax, and a tenor trombone). Make your horns sparkle with 34 articulations, up to four round robins, up to four velocity layers, and true vibrato samples.

One thing that should be noted is that these horns seemed to best used in funk or jazz or even some modern pop or hip-hop genres – a song that takes advantage of a small combo setting as opposed to a big, epic orchestral fanfare. After all: no french horns! Also, make sure you have room! Session Horns Pro takes up a whopping 30 GB of space! This Kontakt 5 library will set you back $299 – or $199 for the upgrade.

Here’s a video tutorial if you’re interested.